Competition Psychology Certificate Course

Competition Psychology Certificate Course in South Africa


This invaluable course giving you the power and skills to improve your competitive performance. Give yourself an added advantage to help you achieve your goals and succeed!

Who is this course written by?
This course is written by Sarah Finikin, an NLP Master Practitioner, BHSII and experienced rider and coach. Trained by Andy Barton, an international sports psychologist, Sarah uses her knowledge of Sports Psychology regularly when teaching and coaching riders of all abilities. The power of mind over matter cannot be underestimated and most professional competitors now use elements of sports psychology when training and preparing for competition. Learn about simple techniques that will make a huge difference to your competitive success!

What is included in the course?
The following modules are included in this course along with fourteen learning activities, some of which help you to compile a portfolio, that will be sent to EDL for assessment and further advice on how to achieve your goals.

How Psychology can help you to Succeed - Helping you to understand how psychology has helped competitive riders and how it can help you to achieve your goals.

How Our Minds Work - Many people find that this information revolutionizes the way they think. Once you understand how your mind works, you will then understand your feelings and how to change and control them.

Improving Performance - Understand the two way link between mind and body. Learn simple techniques to induce particular states such as relaxation, or confidence, and other exercises such as Anchoring.

Language - Learn how the power of language can make you feel different. Certain words can change the complete meaning of a sentence and can therefore affect how positive you are feeling.

The Power of your Imagination - Learn about the power of mental rehearsal and how to develop effective techniques to develop this skill.

Goal Setting - Learn how to set effective goals and work out how to make them happen!

Course Snapshot

40 pages of Course Material

Full tutor support throughout the course.

Twenty Learning Activities which help you to build a portfolio of techniques and skills relevant to you personally.

Individual feedback and further ideas/techniques for progression given on submission of this portfolio.

Who is this course for?

Any rider who competes horses, whether amateur or professional.

Competitive riders who want to improve their skills and refine their techniques in the ring.

Ambitious riders who want to give themselves the leading edge over other competitors.

Students wanting to learn more about sports psychology and the power of the mind.


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