Equine Nutrition Course

Equine Nutrition Course in South Africa


This course will give you a thorough understanding of your horses digestive system, all of the nutrients that your horse requires, information on different types of feed and how to calculate feed rations.

Written by Sarah Finikin BHSII, FdSc Equine Science, Horse Owner and Competitor, this course is written to very high BHS standards and will teach you everything you need to know about feeding and nutrition. It contains both scientific and practical elements of Feeding and Nutrition and is an essential certificate to have for any horse owner. Feeding can affect a horse in many ways; it can make them naughty, or badly behaved; it can cause them to be temperamental and difficult to deal with; it can cause them to lose condition or become obese with the potential to cause problems such as laminitis. This course will give you a full understanding of nutrition and feeding to help you formulate an appropriate feeding regime for your horse.

Course Content

The Horses Digestive System

Nutrients, Vitamins and Minerals

The Rules of Feeding



Calculating Feed Rations

Feeding Different Types of Horse.

Course Snapshot

EDL Certification

6 modules

Eleven learning activities

Online testing

One piece of course work/assessment

Assistance and support in creating a feeding programme for your horse

What's included

Bespoke course material written by industry experts

Unlimited tutorial support

Exam marking and certification

Opportunity to liaise with other students for support

FREE nutrition advice for your horse

Who is this course for?

Horse Owners

Students working towards their BHS Stage 1 or 2 who want some help in learning about Nutrition

Students working towards their Pony Club B test who want some help with learning about Horse Nutrition.

Students interested in the horses digestive system and in feeding their horses correctly.