Ride With Confidence Training

Ride With Confidence Courses in South Africa


This course uses the principles and techniques from Neuro-Linguistic Programming to help you overcome your fears, control your state of mind and RIDE WITH CONFIDENCE!. 'What you believe, you will achieve'

Who is this course written by?
Sarah Finikin is an NLP Master Practitioner and an experienced BHSII instructor. Combining her experience of teaching and her psychology skills, Sarah has written this course, to give you a snapshot of NLP, to help you work out where your lack of confidence comes from, and to give you a multitude of exercises and ideas to help you become more confident and relaxed.

What is included in the course?
The following modules are included in this course along with fourteen learning activities, some of which help you to compile a portfolio, which will be sent to EDL for assessment and further advice on how to become a confident rider.

Reasons for Losing Confidence - Helping you to understand where your fears and anxiety comes from and the reasons for them.

How Our Minds Work - Many people find that this information revolutionises the way they think. Once you understand how your mind works, you will then understand your feelings and how to change them.

Confidence Techniques - Learn simple techniques in induce a state of confidence and other exercises such as Anchoring.

Language - Learn how the power of language can make you feel different. Certain words can change the complete meaning of a sentence and can therefore affect how positive you are feeling.

The Power of your Imagination - Learn about the power of mental rehearsal and how to develop effective techniques to develop this skill.

What will I take away with me from this course?
On completion of this course, you will come away with a toolbox of exercises that you can use on a regular basis and that will enable you to enjoy your riding, achieve your goals and feel success. You may also find that the knowledge you take away from this course changes the way you feel, act and behave in other areas of your life outside of riding. There is also an option of organising some follow up NLP sessions with Equine Distance Learning's associate and coach, Michelle Pridmore.


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