Managing & Maintaining Windows 8 Online Course

Managing & Maintaining Windows 8 Online Courses in South Africa

2KO presents Microsoft Windows 8 courses in Africa. 2KO Africa also offers online courses to our international and local students. 2KO Africa offers IT consulting, technical IT services and top-of-the-range IT training on multiple platforms. Our best-of-breed computer courses are presented as instructor led classes or as online internet-based elearning, enabling 2KO students the opportunity to study courses online world-wide, to ensure students have access to the best Windows 8 certification training in Africa. 2KO Africa's Managing and Maintaining Windows 8 training course provides full coverage of the skills required to plan and implement the installation, maintenance and management of Windows 8. This course also provides knowledge and skills on the methods used for installation, remote management using bundled tools, networking, access control, endpoint protection and user authentication.


This new course from 2KO Africa provides you the needed training for managing and maintaining Windows 8, as well as profiles, settings, file/print resources, Windows Store apps, desktop apps, mobile device management with Windows Intune and more. This course brings together all the management features of using Windows 8. You can trust in 2KO Africa to bring you coverage on everything you need to be successful on exam 70-688.


Some of the skills you will learn in this class are: 

Plan and implement local and remote management methods

Plan and implement Windows 8 recovery solutions

Configure cloud services and manage Windows 8 clients with Windows Intune

Manage and maintain Windows Store apps and desktop apps

Manage and maintain remote access and extranet connectivity

Manage user settings, profiles, file resources and print resources

Implement encryption and maintain endpoint security

Manage user authentication and intranet connectivity

Plan and implement Windows 8 installation methods



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Microsoft 70-688: Managing and Maintaining Windows 8


Module 1

Course Introduction

Instructor Info

Course Overview

Audience Profile and Prerequisites

Certification Overview

Chapter Review


Module 2

Windows 8 Course

Lab Setup

Server and Clients and Presentation Types


Module 3

Windows 8 Designing Installation Strategy

Windows 8 Editions

Windows 8 Requirements

Upgrade and Migration Limitations

Windows 8 Installation Option Types

Additional Considerations


System Image Manager

Activating Windows 8

Chapter Review


Module 4

Windows 8 Installation Strategy

Installation Basics

Installation Via Image

Image Tools

DISM Image Management

Disk Management

Virtual Hard Disks

System Cloning

Chapter Review


Module 5

Windows 8 Installation Alternatives: Virtual and Portable

Installation Alternatives

Remote Desktop Services RDS

Client Hyper V


Windows to GO

Dual Boot

Boot to VHD

Configuring Boot to VHD

Chapter Review


Module 6

Windows 8 Installation Via Migration

Migration Basics

Upgrade and Migration Limitations

Key Steps to Upgrade and Migration


Windows 8 Installation Migration Profile Options

Windows Easy Transfer (WET)

User State Migration Tool (USMT)

USMT Scan and Load State

Chapter Review


Module 7

Windows 8 Installation and Management Tools

Monitoring Tools

Administration Tools

Server Tools

Deployment Tools

Diagnostic Tools

Remoting Tools

Group Policy Object


Enterprise Management

Task Manager Tool

Computer Management Tool

Performance Monitor

Reliability Monitor

Windows PowerShell

PowerShell ISE

Chapter Review


Module 8

Windows 8 Networking 101

Networks Defined

Network Protocols

Wired and Wireless Networks

Network Access Protection

Networking Demonstration

Chapter Review


Windows 8 Networking IPv4

IPv4 Basics

IPv4 Addressing

IPv4 Subnetting

Network (Adapter) Settings

Subnet Calculators

Chapter Review


Module 10

Windows 8 Networking IPv6

Protocol Migration from IPv4 to IPv6

IPv6 Basics

IPv6 Addressing

IP Tools

IPv6 Network Settings Details

IPv6 Calculator

Chapter Review


Module 11

Windows 8 Networking VPN

Virtual Private Network

VPN Types

Methods or Protocols for Connection

VPN Creation and Configuration

VPN Reconnect

Additional Components

Connection Manager Administration Kit (CMAK)

Connection Manager Administration Kit (CMAK) Setup

Chapter Review


Module 12

Windows 8 Networking Direct Access

What is Direct Access?

DA Features

DA Server and Client Side Parts

Name Resolution Policy Table

Network Connectivity: Internally and Externally

DA Setup

Chapter Review


Module 13

Windows 8 Security, Network and Local

Network Security 101

Layered Defense and Areas of Concern


User Access Control and Elevated Permissions

windows 8 Security Features

Local Security Groups and Credential Manager

Windows Updates

MBSA and Windows Defender

Chapter Review


Module 14

Windows 8 Security

AAA Security

Authentication and Authorization


Types of Authentication

Windows Secure Log in

Security Principals

Domain Access

Domain Accounts

Chapter Review


Module 15

Windows 8 Application Deployment

Application Basics

Group Policy Objects

GPO Target and Distribution Point

Assign Vs. Publish

GPO Drawbacks

GPO Application Deployment

Remote Applications

Delivery Methods


App-V Sequencer Basics

App Locker

Chapter Review


Module 16

Windows 8 Application Deployment

Cloud Applications

Cloud Service

Cloud Application Solutions

Cloud Storage

Cloud Service Concerns


Windows Applications and Windows App Store

Sideloading Applications

Windows Store

Office 365

Chapter Review


Module 17

Windows 8 Application Compatibility

Application Compatibility Basics

OS Migration

Permission Issues

Windows Tools

ACT 6.0



App Compatibility

Chapter Review


Module 18

Windows 8 User Profiles


Mobile Strategy

Folder Redirection

Roaming Tweaks

Primary Computer

Roaming Profile and Folder Redirection Setup

Offline Files

User Experience Virtualization

User Experience Virtualization Components

User Experience Virtualization Setup

Chapter Review


Module 19

Windows 8 Intune 101

Intune Deployment Basics

Intune Client

Intune Grouping

Software and Packages

Intune Deployment

Intune Client Side Installation

Intune User Side Installation

Chapter Review


Module 20

Windows 8 Intune Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management Basics

Exchange Active Sync

System Center Configuration Manager

Intune Client and Groups

Intune MDM Management

Creating Intune Users

Chapter Review


Module 21

Intune Updates, Endpoint and Software

Deploy Software and Updates

Software and Packages


Endpoint Protection

EP Security, Updates and Software

Intune Policy Creation and Deployment

Intune Update Configuration

Intune Installing and Deploying Software

Chapter Review


Module 22

Window 8 Files and Storage

NTFS and File/Folder Permissions

EFS and BitLocker

Windows Data Sync Center

Storage Spaces

Branch Cache


Creating a Storage Space

Chapter Review


Module 23

Windows 8 Backup and Recovery

File History


Windows 8 Backup

System Image and System Repair Disk


Windows Boot Manager

Windows RE

Advanced Booting Options

Full System Restore

BCD Store

PC Refresh and PC Reset

Windows 8 Restore

Windows 8 Restore Tools

Chapter Review


Course Review

Certification Overview

Exam Preparation