Professional Python Programmer Online Course

Professional Python Programmer Online Course in Botswana


2KO Botswana offers online Professional python programmer courses in Botswana. 2KO Botswana's Web Developer course is offered to our international and local students. 2KO Africa offers IT consulting, technical IT services and top-of-the-range IT training on multiple platforms. Our best-of-breed computer courses are presented as instructor led classes or as online internet-based elearning, to ensure students have access to the best Professional Python programming training in Botswana.


Courses Included in this Bundle - 7





Python Web Programming
The definitive online Python web programming course. Imagine powering up your tablet and browsing a site you built. Or discovering the skills necessary to launch a career in web programming.


Learn Python Django From Scratch
Complex database -driven websites like these need a web application framework - and that's exactly what Django does. Master Python Django and you can create web application, sites with e-commerce functionality, and much much more.


Data Analysis with Python and Pandas
Use Python to work with Big Data! Python programmers are some of the most sought-after employees in the tech world, and Python itself is fast becoming one of the most popular programming languages.


Python Programming for Beginners
Recently updated with new, better Python development content for beginners. you'll learn a simple, versatile and highly readable code that you can execute on a wide variety of systems quickly and easily.


Data Visualization with Python and Matplotlib
More and more people are realising the vast benefits and uses of analysing big data. However, the majority of people lack the skills and the time needed to understand this data in its original form.


Python Game Development - Create a Flappy Bird Clone
Games by their very nature are supposed to be fun. So why should the process of creating them be tedious and complicated? Instead of sitting through hours of lectures and game development theory, this course cuts to chase and allows you to create a game straight away, learning as you go.


Python Object Oriented Programming Fundamentals
Create Python applications using up to date programming techniques.Python is a big deal. More and more beginner programmers are choosing it as their first language to learn, which means its future is more than just bright - it's dazzling.